An Awarding Career

Cannes-Lions-2014-Logo1It is no secret that the goal of this journey back to college is to finally end up where I’ve always wanted to be: a respected creative/communications agency. I say agency without too much definition because they come in many different forms that are currently colliding. There are agencies that define themselves as: advertising, creative, marketing, public relations, government relations, strategic communications, branding and probably even more that I am unfamiliar with. At this point, it doesn’t matter too much what type of agency I end up.

I desire to work for an agency because I like the idea of working in a dynamic environment. After working previously in a corporate environment where you are usually writing about the same products to the same audience, I want to be able to work for different clients. I understand the environment is challenging, but it also sounds exciting and extremely rewarding. One thing I didn’t realize about the industry is that in addition to being rewarding, it’s also awarding.

I follow many different agencies on twitter so I can keep up-to-date with what they’re doing. This past month twitter has been dominated by award galas from different organizations.

And of course right now the most exciting of all the awards ceremonies is being held in the gorgeous French Riviera: The Cannes Loins festival for creativity. This is really a mecca for creativity where advertisers, public relations agencies, artists, musicians, celebrities, tech superstars and all the finest creative types get together. I yearn to go one day. Not just to spend a week in beautiful south France though. I mean where else can you find Richard Edelman, Kanye West and Sheryl Sandberg at the same conference? Perhaps at South by Southwest as it evolves into a similar sort of party/conference/gala, but that still doesn’t have the same cachet as Cannes, and honestly I’d like to go to both. My twitter feed for the past few days has been tantalizing me as Edelman, Ketchum, JWT, Ogilvy + Mather, Leo Burnett and the like keep me up to date on everything awesome going on.

My point is not that I yearn to hob-knob with celebrities (though who doesn’t?), but that I like that aspect of the industry celebrating each other’s work. There are plenty of careers out there that provide no recognition beyond a nice pat-on-the-back from management for a job well done. The fact that creative types routinely submit their work for awards provides an opportunity to give some exposure to the agency and their work, but also to provide some sense of fulfillment and appreciation for the people who create these award-winning campaigns. It must be a great feeling to be recognized amongst your immediate peers, as well as the industry as a whole.

I don’t know how I’ll get to Cannes just yet, but it’s nice to have goals. In the meantime I look forward to breaking into a rewarding and awarding career.

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