Portfolio/Writing Samples

APEX PR Blog Posts

Brooks Brothers Flagship Store Opening

“Scary” Nestle Halloween 2014

Volunteer Day Profile: Ron McGee & The Teresa Group

WalMart Canada: Trick or Treating with commuters

GTA PR Hashtags you should know

Coca-cola’s 125h Anniversary: The Coke Happiness campaign

You Should Know: those busy Alpers

Social Media Reporting

APEX Social Media Report – September

Designs (assinments from class)

My Brand Story

NXNE Poster

Marketing Collertal

BASF Canada Responsible Care

Manulife Mortgage protector Door Hanger

Mortgage protector direct mailer

Banner ads and ad content for website

Manulife banner ads for web

“Spot the Opportunity” Ad copy

Business Presentations

Presentation for OECM Executives

Manulife Presentation – Risky Business

Media Plan

‘Do It For Dads’ Media Plan and List


Interview with Gillian Truster

Internal Communications Plan

Summerhill Group

Social Media Content

Manulife – Social Media Content

B2B Blog Posts

B2B Blog posts

Press Release

Manulife Press Release

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